Family run. Family tested. Made in America.

We are a family run, American Manufacturing Cooperative, assembling umbrellas in Colorado.

Founded by a mother and son team of structural and mechanical engineers, ours is a design and assemble operation. This puts quality control of our products entirely in our hands. With quality in mind, we outsource many of the components of our products from expert US manufacturers.

American Aluminum Extrusion Co

Our aluminum is extruded, machined, anodized and finished by AAE, based out of Roscoe, IL.


Fast Plastic Parts 

Our hubs, inserts, and joints are injection molded by FPP, located in Colorado Springs, CO.



Our pulleys are custom produced by Harken to fit our hub configuration needs                                                                                            in Pewaukee, WI.


Sea-Dog Line

Our Clamcleats are produced by Sea-Dog in Seattle, WA.



Our canopies are produced by Sportwaves, an industrial sewing group in Lafayette, CO.

Metalcraft Industries

Our bases are machined and powder-coated by  Metalcraft Industries in Westminster, CO.

Backyard Genius

Big thank you to the gentlemen of Backyard Genius, and their efforts to wind test our umbrellas. Their ingenuity and craftiness know no bounds.